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Installation Instructions




Step 1:  Prep

  • Select a location. Double check to make sure you have adequate space.
  • If walls have been freshly painted, wait 30 days after painting so that paint will cure and decals will adhere.
  • Lay the Peel-n-Stick flat for an hour before installing.

 Step 2: Clean

  • Use a warm damp cloth to wipe down the surface and let it dry completely. DO NOT use soap or cleaning agents.

 Step 3: Get Help!

  • Although it is relatively simple to install, we recommend having a friend assist you in putting up your Peel-n-Stick product. These graphics are big and very sticky.

 Step 4: Apply

  • With the backing still attached, cut loosely around each of the images, being very careful not to get too close to the outlines.
  • Position the larger decals on the wall using masking. Tape to hold them in place.
  • Peel back a small portion of the backing, and cut off that portion of the backing at the top of the larger decals. Then secure the decal portion down to the wall with minimal pressure.
  • With the initial part of the decal secured to the wall, slowly peel back the backing a little bit at a time, beginning from the part already attached to the wall.
  • Using a soft cloth smooth the decal into place while peeling the backing down and away; continuing to secure the decal from the center out to the edges to assure that air bubbles do not become trapped.
  • Smaller bubbles close to the edges can be eased out gently. Larger bubbles can be removed by gently peeling back that section and sticking it down again carefully to the wall, taking care to apply pressure from the center out to the edges.
  • If you make a mistake, gently peel that section back off the wall and reposition it.
  • A yellow plastic squeegee is included with your graphics to eliminate any wrinkles or air bubbles.
  • Start from the middle of the Peel-n-Stick and gently push out to the edges.
  • Remove backing from the smaller decals carefully. Place one corner onto the wall and slowly smooth into place using minimal pressure. If you make a mistake, gently peel the image off the wall and reposition it. Use the squeegee to remove wrinkles or bubbles.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Smooth Walls
  • Painted Dry Wall
  • Interior Glass
  • Interior Metal
  • Wood
  • Inside, termperature controlled environments

 NOT Recommended Surfaces

  • Freshly painted walls. (Wait 30 days after painting before you put up your graphic.)
  • Textured Walls
  • Unpainted Drywall
  • Brick Walls
  • Cinder Block Walls
  • Porous, textured paneling
  • Exterior, non-temperature controlled environments
  • Surfaces that have wide variances of temperature and humidity, such as exterior facing walls or surfaces with plumbing located behind them.
If you have any further questions about the installation or material, please contact us at 813.818.8277!


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