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Our Room-in-a-Tube Mural Kits contain a background template, suggested paint colors and two 4' x 6'6" sheets of peel-n-stick decals, enough to fill a small room. For larger areas, repeat your background and select decals from one of our add-on/companion packs and create your own unique Wacky World mural for only a fraction of the cost.

View our themes below!

airport-icon.jpg arctic-icon.jpg babyanimals-icon.jpg babybugs-icon.jpg
babybuilders-icon.jpg biblical-icon.jpg castle-icon.jpg city-icon.jpg
sky-icon.jpg dinosaur-icon.jpg fairy-icon.jpg farm-icon.jpg
industrial-icon.jpg jungle-icon.jpg moviestudio-icon.jpg neighborhood-icon.jpg
pirate-icon.jpg seaside-icon.jpg space-icon.jpg sports-icon.jpg
starrynights-icon.jpg undersea-icon.jpg western-icon.jpg winter-icon.jpg